Understanding Notification Center

Notification Center is our centralized framework for alerting users to changes that have occurred in the Extended ECM system. From new versions being added with Business Workspace Notifications, to Records Management updates, and changes with Reservation Management. It takes a framework approach allowing multiple solutions to connect into Notification Center, abstracting away the delivery and rendering to ensure consistency and a unified customer experience. Prior to Notification Center each component would be responsible for creating their own messages to end users.

Completing a Patent Application

Recently I was informed that the patent that we had filed the past summer had finally made it was on to the Government Web site. It’s still a pending patent, however as my first one this still feels like a major milestone in the process. Overall the creation of a new technology was a very exciting process, from building the initial inception and many iterations after of Notification Center, to all the meetings with our legal council to work through the possible patents.

Amazon Photos migration to Photos+ and BlackBlaze

Recently I got emailed by Amazon letting me know that their prices would be increasing by over 25% from $79 to $99 per year. While this isn’t an insane amount given how long they have been holding the price at $79. It did make me consider my vendor lock-in. I use Amazon Prime mainly for the shipping, however also it’s my primary way to save photos from my phone. Amazon offers Prime Members unlimited full resolution photo backup, with 5GB of storage for videos for all prime members.

Six months as a Product Manager

Moving into Product Management had been something I had been thinking about for a number of years at OpenText. The idea first became exciting when working directly with R&D when I was handling escalations in Customer Support, and later as I moved into handling our internal deployments of Content Server. In this capacity I was more involved in the release cycle of the software and increased my exposure to different teams inside of R&D.

Precor Treadmill Repair

My wife enjoys running on a treadmill, and that has become even more important with COVID occurring on top of the Canadian Winter. We were fortunate in being gifted a Precor 932i treadmill from a family member who was downsizing. It’s been rather decent for a while, throwing the odd error code here and there. However, in the height of the lockdown it decided to give up working. Over the course of its life it’s had a few blips of throwing an Error 30.

Working with Dynamic Drop down fields

Often there is a business need to have a form based workflow with a dynamic dropdown list be this a list of customers, or cost center codes. The desire is to allow the business users to be able to update this list without any intervention from the Content Server Administrators. This can be done leveraging form templates, LiveReports, and WebReports. The creation of SQL table is an important step and thought should be put into the columns that you’ll need before it is created.

Leveraging WebReports to assist with merging Content Server Folders

Often when dealing with data migrations or acquisitions you may face the challenge of merging two folders inside of Content Server. Currently Content Server doesn’t have a great way of handling folder merges, especially if folders you need to merge are not simply filled with flat files. To work around this, we can build a series of LiveReports and WebReports that can be leveraged to perform a comparison of folder names and move objects from one location to the other based on their name.

Gathering a OTCSTicket for RESTAPI from the LLCookie

If you are building a form and wish to leverage REST API calls from the form, you will need to either have the user manually authenticate with their username and password, or alternatively gather the OTCSTicket from their existing LLCookie created for the browsing session. A OTCSTicket is simply a URIDecoded LLCookie. There are a number of JQuery plugin’s that can be leveraged for this however if you do not want add any overhead with a JQuery plugin you can manually iterate through the cookies stored in the browser.